Odilon Redon

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His Biography


Birth of Bertrand-Jean Redon, known as Odilon, April 20 in Bordeaux, to the 24 street Neuve Saint-Seurin (Today the 31st, Fernand-Marin Street). Second Son of Bertrand Redon and Marie Guerin. The family will move little after the birth of Odilon to go to the 26th of the Damour alleys (this house disappeared today).


The young Odilon is entrusted to his uncle and passes his childhood in the familial estate of Peyrelebade, close to Listrac in the Medoc. This property is a " middle-class vintage " whose vines that are next to those of the well-known Château Clarke produced an excellent red wine.


Lessons of drawing with his first Master, Stanislas Gorin, educated by Eugene Isabey d’Héroult, specialized in the watercolor. Gorin encouraged Odilon to copy and decompose the " works enthusiastic and impassioned of Delacroix " exposed to the Museum of Bordeaux.


Studies of architecture to please his father. He fails the examinations. He will keep these studies a rigorous precision in his drawings of the Old Bordeaux as well as a certain predilection for the geometrical forms. He binds friendship with the botanist Armand Clavaud who initiates him with sciences and the literature.

Analysis Of His Works

Important Art
by Odilon Redon

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Samples Of Public Sales

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